Building some powerful but easy-to-get backlinks

You have a website but you have no visits. You work hard on creating amazing, quality content but no one gets a chance to see it. It’s not a good feeling. It happens to most people.

Businesses fail because they have no traffic and as a result make no sales. Some people have great conversation and are great to talk to, but if other people never get the chance to meet them then they are both missing out. It is not enough to just put yourself out there and hope you get traffic.

You have to target the right people and you have to find the ones who are going to be most responsive to your message. That in itself is quite hard and perhaps one of the most difficult aspects for many small businesses. Many of them have no idea who their customers are or where to find them.

This requires research and a better understanding of our business and industry. You have to get to know the key people and the few people who do buy from you or visit you or listen to you. You must get good at observing.

Once you truly understand you have to go where more people like them hang out and then connect with them. A person that enjoys drinking wine may like to eat good food, they may subscribe to food and wine magazine and Wine connoisseur (see vinos Guatemala). Perhaps they are also foodies or there are foodies that are also wine lovers. A big part of finding your customers is to test and experiment. Once you find them, invest your energy in providing value and create a pull strategy (inbound) marketing to attract them towards your product, site or service.

The next thing you want to do is build links. What does that mean?

A good analogy would be that link building is the equivalent of networking and creating connections with new people.

What would happen if your network of friends and colleagues was full of billionaires, healthy, fun, active, smart people with great relationships? Could that somehow improve your life?

So now you have to go out into the online world and create a relationship with people who cater to your target market and provide value for them. Create a relationship, perhaps send them interesting articles you’ve written and they may share it and post it and you’ll get a powerful link in return.

That is one way. It takes time and while it is worth it, you may have a hard time going through the waiting period.
The other alternative is to create your own links with high domain authority sites.
Which ones?

How about creating links to your business or article from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Business directories, audio sharing platforms, blog aggregators, 1-800 number sites, images and videos you create, social profiles,, link roundups. There are so many ways you can get good quality links.
Just use a search engine and find places to place your links.

Here is an example of two profiles you can set up:



By no means should you go out and spam blogs and other people’s sites. That is not a long-term strategy that works. If you do that you will be penalized. If you haven’t been penalized, time is not on our side.

If you want more places to get links check out Neil Patel’s Link Building guide. It has some great ideas!

Happy linking!