Local Business Creative Marketing Strategy

If you’re having a hard time really engaging with your audience then you need to re-think your marketing strategy (check out Andres Ponciano SEO). Perhaps you need to think outside the box or do something outrageous to really get people’s attention. Everyone seems to be using very similar strategies to create an online audience, send them to their website and then convert them into paying customers. The problem with this type of marketing is it’s not a custom made strategy for your target market. If you use the copy and paste method, you can be sure potential customers will skip right over you.

One of the big issues we are seeing with local business marketing campaigns is that they all seem to be doing the exact same thing. If you are one of those, then you need to stop that right now. Customers don’t want the same thing being thrown at them from left to right. To really stand out, the first thing you have to do is get to know your customer. Sadly, most business owners or marketing teams jump right over that part and go straight into marketing. Unfortunately, marketing to many people is a synonym for selling.

So lets first go over the basic steps of building a simple strategy to market to potential customers. Keep in mind that the strategy you use to market to your current clients should be a little different since they already know you. At least part of the strategy needs to be directed specifically to them.

1- Decide on a measurable objective.

If you don’t know where you are going, you will most certainly end up there. That is not necessarily a good thing. You have to have some type of goal that can be measured. Let’s say your goal for the month of May is to gain ten new clients. At the end of the month, we’ll know if we did a good job of achieving that or if we need to adjust our strategy.

2- Understand your target market\ customer.

Who are you trying to attract as a customer? What kind of person? What are the age, sex, interests of your ideal customer? You have to do some in-depth research in this part. You can analyze who your ideal customer is at this specific moment and build off of that. Perhaps you are trying to attract a different type of customer. You must study them, understand them, find where they hang out online and what they read. Who do they listen to? What other websites or social platforms could you reach them on? Who could help you reach them? What type of content can you develop that would interest them?

Once you have answers to all these questions you have a better idea of what you’re trying to do and with who.

3- Plan out how you will attract your new customers.

Here is where you want to make sure you get creative. It’s all about understanding how your product or service really stands out from your competitors. What is unique about your company? What extra value or service do you provide?What does your company do that is much different or better than what others do? What do others do that you can make 10X better?

You’ll hear marketing and advertising books constantly saying that you have to give people the benefits over the features. While that is very important, there is something that is even better. Think about the business no one knows. This is an old advertising trick from the great Bruce Barton.

A dentist doesn’t make beautiful teeth. A dentist provides beautiful smiles that attract other people to his clients and as a result of that, they are more likely to have many new opportunities in romance, work and not to mention how healthy his customers look. In reality, a dentist provides a better life, full of love, romance, health, wealth and more.

Sit down and think about how you can reframe your business to be much more than just the product or service you offer. Show people how your company makes the world a more amazing, vibrant, and better place to live.